Call of Duty®:Heroes ~ Episode 5: Survival Mode

Survival mode is one of the four gaming modes (the others being, campaign, PvP and challenge modes) offered in Call of Duty®:Heroes and offers you to test your base’s strength against enemy invasion. Designing your base right is the key to successful defense strategy. In my next blog post I will write on base layout strategies – why and how certain layouts are effective.

Survival Bonus: There are 60 stages or levels in this mode. Each level is referred to as wave in the game. You will get resources as rewards when your base successfully defend itself against each wave. To surpass a wave your base integrity must be greater 0%.

However, every wave completed with more than 75% base health will set a new checkpoint and will resume from this checkpoint next time you start Survival mode – cool right !

Previous Wave Bonus: I already established the fact that to be successful in this game, you must be constantly upgrading your base to make it a fortress. Continuous upgrade needs constant supply of resources. This bonus reward can help you . Depending on your last checkpoint, you get survival bonus each time you initiate a wave and this bonus is pretty big.

There is an upper cap of survival mode chances to 3. This means, every 12 hours, one chance is added to your account.

Benefits of Survival Mode

– Rewards include Gold, Oil, SP and Medal.

– Steady supply of resources for building upgrades(Gold and Oil) and promoting heroes (medals).

– Survival mode can be useful exercise in determining weak points of your base, correct base arrangements to make it stronger in defense.

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– Show off your dominance. Top leader board alliances often look for players that have cleared higher Survival levels.

– There are monthly and yearly leader board rewards in terms of celerium. You might just get so strong that you can actually get yourself a chance at the leader board event.


See survival mode in action here (inprogress…)


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