Call of Duty®:Heroes Update 4.2 – what’s in it ?

Howdy soldiers…

Finally the update 4.2 is here and its gonna be coolest update that Activision has to offer in COD-H series. Check below some of the features and enhancements that this update will offer. Don’t forget to mention in comment whether you are as excited as me.

Global Conflict

How many of you felt that GC rewards was unfair? Truth be told, I did. And saw many players complaining about reward distribution – players without any or very less contributions would get same reward as the top performer.
A big thanks to Activision and COD-H for taking this into consideration.

Earn Most Valuable Player awards (MvP) based on your individual performance!

The top six score contributors in each room during Global Conflict now earn extra rewards!

Players are ranked first by their score, and then their number of attack wins.

Added Skill points to Rewards from Global Conflict Battles.

Garrisoned Heroes spawn from the Command Center to help defend bases!

Increased the amount of zones in large Global Conflict rooms from 150 to 200.

Added 30 Minute Shield Timer Bonus to Hero Assist Garrison.

Tweak In Perks

After update 4.2 you can convert your challenge coins of one color into a different type – cool ! However, the conversion cost is 3 to 1.

Convert 3 Challenge Coins of one color into a different color of your choosing!

Friendly Battle

This sounds like fun. You can now bring most out of your alliance team member by teasing him to engage in friendly battle to see who’s stronger! Tease him to get stronger – I would call it 🙂

Challenge members of your Alliance for battle to prove who is the top dog!

Test out attack strategies & base defenses, set up Alliance tournaments or watch replays to improve!

You will not loose or gain League Points, Reputation or Resources from Friendly Attacks.

New Events

A. Bonus League Points 

Earn bonus League Points from PvP Battles – a welcome extra treat from Activision.

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B. Deadly Defenses

I like the sound of it already ! Now PvP mode will be more fun…

Specific defensive structures will be powered up in PvP battles. Destroying these turrets earns massive rewards.

And the usual gift of appreciation

Enjoy a gift of Medals, Celerium, a Prestige Token, and a Research Boost

Miscellaneous Tweaks I liked most

Skillpoints earned are now showed in PvP Battle Summaries.

Commanders can now change their Alliance’s Icon.

War Button on Main UI Screen now has a red dot when a War is active.

You can follow the Facebook Page for more information from COD-H official team.

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