Call of Duty®:Heroes ~ Episode 7: Effective Base Layout 2/2

A look back at what we have learnt so far in this series

Episode-1: A brief overview of the game

Episode-2: Introduction to Heroes

Episode-3: Challenge Mode

Episode-4: Player vs Player Mode

Episode-5: Survival Mode

Episode-6: Effective Base Layout 1/2

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Howdy soldiers…

Congratulations on your well laid out base. But wait, have you notice that the last episode was all about layout for Alliance War (AW) and Player vs Player (PvP) mode? And not for Survival mode? Sorry if I didn’t explicitly mentioned… my bad 🙂

Well then, let’s wrap up the the remainder of the episode – Effective Layout for Survival Mode. As we already know from my earlier post, survival mode can be your steady source of very important ‘resources’. If you are at the highest wave, the cumulative bonus is 18,45,000 Gold and Oil and 260 Medals and 1150 Skill Points – every 12 hours – that’s pretty huge isn’t it?  But as they say, good things never last ! Every month your wave checkpoint is reset and you have to start over from wave 1.

Don’t be disheartened now… there is a way to get your glory back in no time. If you have a survival ready base, you can reclaim your wave on the first day itself and enjoy the bonus reward through out the month. Here is what you need to keep in mind –

  1. You have the option to keep multiple base layouts – and switch between them anytime.
  2. Enemy waves always comes from the edges – even if empty spaces are left within. So you don’t have to waste so much of energy on setting up survival ready base unlike your PvP or war ready base.
  3. Mines play important role in Survival mode mainly because you have the option to reset it.
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The Trick To Survive

1.  Use different slot for Survival mode base design. Switch to the survival base layout before commencing survival mode. Don’t forget to switch back to PvP or War bases afterwards.

2.  Move every structures inside barriers – leave some space outside of the barriers deliberately to let the troop appear on the free spaces around the edges. Place mines along the outside edge of the barriers. It pays off if you have your mines maxed out (see the image below, all mines are maxed out).

3.  Maximize the effectiveness of your weapons by placing them behind the barriers. Keep enough distance from the walls so that A.S.A.Ms or A.S.T can not shoot over the top of barriers.

4.  Keep your Hangers, Bunkers and Communication Center full before commencing survival mode.


5.  Choose skills wisely. You can select 3 skills at a time. I prefer EMP, False Flare and Repair Building  Or EMP, Repair Mine and Repair Building.

This is all for the tips on base layout. Make sure you don’t miss out on the daily bonus and rewards from survival and also in other modes of the game. You can actually do pretty much progress and at a pretty fast rate without spending a penny. Happy gaming folks !


Thanks for reading. Spread the words if you like by sharing it. Please fee free to comment in case I you want me to elaborate. 

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